Easy Beef and Broccoli

So let’s state the facts…(1) this recipe is FULL of flavor, (2) it’s got fantastic fresh ingredients, and (3) it’s done in LESS than 30 minutes…..what’s not to love?!?!

My easy beef and broccoli is another one-pan wonder! It cooks quickly, about 20 minutes, and the flavors are complex yet easy to achieve. I love making this and it always taste much better than take-out.

Click here to watch me make this recipe from start to finish!


Easy Beef and Broccoli

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Tips: Put fresh flank steak in the freezer for 25-30 minutes so that it is easier to slice

Beef and Broccoli Ingredients:

  • 1.5 lbs flank steak  or sirloin flap steak very thinly sliced, against the grain, into bite-sized strips
  • 2 Tbsp grapeseed or vegetable oil
  • 1 to 1.5 lb broccoli cut into bit-sized florets 
  • 1 ½ Tbsp cornstarch mixed with 3 Tbsp cold water (slurry)
  • White or brown rice 

Stir Fry Sauce Ingredients:

To Finish:

  • 2 tsp sesame seeds (optional garnish)
  • 2 green onions sliced thin (optional garnish)


  1. Cook rice according to the package.
  2. Combine all stir fry sauce ingredients in a bowl, whisk well to dissolve the sugar, and set aside.
  3. Place a large wok or skillet over medium high heat and add oil.  Add steak and cook quickly until your steak is almost done. Do not over cook. It will finish cooking later in the process. Remove the steak from the pan to a large bowl and set aside leaving any remaining juices in the pan. 
    1. If there are no juices left from the steak, add ¼ – ½ cup water to the pan.
  4. Add broccoli florets to the pan and cook, uncovered, for 4-5 minutes, stirring or tossing several times until broccoli is bright green and crisp-tender then remove from pan. 
    1. If you prefer your broccoli softer, cover the pan with a lid, and let broccoli steam cook for an additional 2 minutes.
  5. Once broccoli is done, remove it from the pan and add it to the bowl with the steak.
  6. Pour the sauce into the pan and bring to a simmer. Reduce the heat to medium and add in your slurry, one tablespoon at a time, stirring continuously. Let this simmer for 2-3 minutes until the sauce thickens. If the sauce becomes too thick, stir in 1-2 tablespoons of beef broth to thin the sauce out to your desired consistency. 
  7. Add beef and broccoli to the pan with the sauce (including any juices in the bowl) and stir everything together to coat well. Cook for 2-3 minutes to finish cooking the steak and warm through.
  8. Serve over rice.

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